Sunday, 4 January 2015

Wrapping up Christmas

There is something incredibly sad about dismantling a Christmas tree; wrapping up tree decorations and putting them away for the year; seeing a potted plant replace the very area that held the tree.
The emotions are exactly the contrary when you're putting it up. Waves of joy fill up the home, the gentle twinkling of lights hugging the various branches of the tree. Oh the feeling of Christmas!
I wish we could feel Christmas all year around. I'm not talking about the exchange of gifts or all the excessive money spending or binge-eating. I'm talking of the lifting of spirits, the joyous feeling that gets ingrained in every atom of every inch of the atmosphere, the free smiles that go around.
How I long for it every year and how fast it seems to go by!
I wish I could hold on to the feeling and not allow reality to get hold of me. 

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