Friday, 2 March 2012

Hindi, a new language?

Teach Hindi to the French,
Shrill voices. Deafening roar. 
Followed by thought
Why do you want to teach it, they enquired
To survive perhaps?
Me, tongue-tied,
Sure, it's a new language, I tried,
For you?
No, for them
I'll teach them basics,
to read it, to write it, to speak it
I know the language, 
It's mine too.
Of course,
but can you teach it, the concerned voices again.
And then laughter. 
Hearty and jovial.
Don't we like a good joke, they quipped.
And wiped their eyes
And laughed some more.
A Parsi teaching Hindi to the French
That one we've got to see.
It must have seemed funny to them, I'm sure.
Why didn't it seem funny to me? 


  1. It would be even more funnier if you teach Gujarati!! Haha I would be your first student to learn those parsee expressions!

  2. Oh Ru-Ru, I would NEVER teach Gujarati, I only speak the language, I can't write it :((

  3. To the French you are Indian, not Parsee or Hindu or Muslim or Maharashtrian or Malayalee...and they probably think I mean "pensent", that all ALL Indians KNOW Indian, oops i mean Hindi, right? So don worry baby and teach them the bhasha...Jai Hind!